Land is Our Story

A Special IDW Storytelling edition


We are kicking off International Development Week 2021 with an extra special storytelling!
Zoom in for a live viewing of the Land is Our Story films and a Q&A sessions afterwards with six Indigenous filmmakers.

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Walking Arm in Arm Online Film Screening

Friday, February 12th @ 3pm PST

Indigenous youth from across Canada have participated in the International Indigenous Youth Internship program and have spent 3-4 months overseas navigating global issues while exploring connections between their histories, cultures and collective futures. Join us on Friday to watch the film and hear from some of the youth filmmakers about their experiences!

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About the Films

Walking Together: Internship Films

International Indigenous Youth Internship videos share a snapshot about what it is like to be an Indigenous intern overseas in Uganda and Zambia and how powerful experiences like this can be! Join cohorts 4 and 5 in their journeys as they navigate new experiences and learn to be flexible and adaptable

Land is Our Story: Territory Films

Land is our story, a virtual collective of Indigenous storytellers. Weaving their roots together, for their community and ancestors. This collective aims at supporting Indigenous and non- Indigenous people in understanding the secrets that the land has always held.

Guest Contributions from Former Interns

Guest Contributions – and because we get to work with so many incredibly talented folks, we wanted to share some of the great projects former interns have done in other spaces!